Learning to Manage Your Dental Problems

Learning to Manage Your Dental Problems

  • Six Tips For Traditional Braces

    When you get traditional braces to straighten your teeth, there are many rules and guidelines you should follow. Consider the following tips to ensure you get the most benefit from your orthodontics. Sugarless gum helps keep the cavities away. You may be surprised to learn that, but it's true. Chewing gum helps increase saliva production, which breaks down food particles and reduces cavities. Just make sure that the gum is sugarless, or you could end up causing cavities.

  • How To Treat Post Root Canal Pain At Home

    Dentists commonly perform root canals to save a tooth that has a decayed or infected pulp. The thought of needing root canal causes fear in most people. When you need a root canal, you may be concerned with pain. A root canal shouldn't be  painful, but you still could experience minor pain and discomfort.  Root canal pain is commonly caused by failed root canal, infections, bruxism, and ghost pain. Here are some tips on how to manage post root canal pain:

  • Three Natural Sports Drinks That Are Gentle On Your Child's Teeth

    Children who are involved in athletics burn a lot of energy. They sweat a lot, and this can cause them to become dehydrated very quickly. There are a lot of sports drinks that are marketed to kids, and as a parent you may be confused about what you should be giving your child to help them stay hydrated when they play sports. Commercially manufactured sports drinks contain a lot of sugar and acids which can damage tooth enamel.

  • How Crossbite Causes Chewing Problems For A Child & How A Pediatric Dentist Can Help

    A child that has misaligned teeth can have a hard time chewing his or her food. However, a dentist can fix the problem by places braces on the teeth to straighten them up. In this article, you will learn how crossbite causes a child to have problems chewing food and what a pediatric dentist can do to help. How Does Crossbite Cause Chewing Problems for a Child? It is not difficult diagnosing crossbite because all you have to do is look inside of your child's mouth and determine if there are teeth leaning towards the tongue or jaws.

  • Keep Your Smile Bright And Your Breath Fresh For The Holidays

    Every holiday season brings lots of opportunities for socializing and partying: be it with family, friends, or colleagues from work. No doubt, you will want to be ready for these events with a dazzlingly white smile and mint-fresh breath. Start Your Dental Health Program with the Basics Food particles and plaque builds up every day, so you need to floss and brush your teeth properly to remove these. If this food and plaque is not removed, it will very likely lead to bad breath, periodontal disease, and tooth decay eventually.

  • About Me

    Learning to Manage Your Dental Problems

    As a homeschool parent and independent contractor, I don't always have time to practice good dental care. I often find myself in a rush just to meet my daily tasks and goals. My lack of good dental care eventually caught up with me. After experiencing severe pain in my back tooth, I made an appointment with my dentist. My dentist found a large hole in the center of the tooth. Root canal treatment couldn't save the tooth, so my dentist extracted it. I learned a very painful and valuable lesson that day. No matter how hectic my life is, I should still make time to brush and floss my teeth properly. I'm here to help you and other people avoid painful dental problems with my blog. I offer tips on how to keep your teeth clean and how to spot dental problems before they get out of control. Good luck.