Learning to Manage Your Dental Problems

Learning to Manage Your Dental Problems

Thinking About Getting Veneers? 4 Crucial Considerations

by Charlotte Beck

It is understandable to feel less confident about your appearance when living with stained teeth. But this is something you can easily overcome by considering dental veneers. These are tooth coverings constructed from resin composite material or porcelain meant for badly stained or damaged teeth and work to improve your smile or boost your confidence. Before getting dental veneers, there are crucial things to keep in mind.

You Don't Have To Place Them On All Your Teeth

If you plan to get veneers for the first time, you may be concerned about how your teeth will appear. This isn't something you should worry about because these dental installations are modified to fit the shape of your teeth. Additionally, if you have a few teeth that are chipped, your doctor can add veneers to them and restore your smile. 

Not Everyone Can Wear Them

While dental veneers are an excellent choice for some dental problems, some individuals can fail to qualify as good candidates. For instance, they might not be a great fit if you have tooth decay or gum infection. The same case applies when your teeth are worn out due to constant grinding. However, you can have veneers fitted after your tooth decay or gum disease is treated.

There Are Different Options You Can Consider 

You should know that veneers come in different types and have varying strengths and costs. Depending on your budget, a cosmetic dentist can advise on the material that's best suited for your needs. Porcelain veneers are strong and don't stain easily. However, they are pricier than their composite counterparts. If you don't mind a less strong veneer, the composite option is excellent.

They Can Help Hide Imperfections On the Teeth

The benefit of this dental treatment is that it helps improve teeth' appearance. If your teeth have gaps between them, veneers can hide these gaps or mask discolored teeth. If you have receding gums, using veneers won't remedy your issue, but it can help improve your smile. Still, gum recession exposes the structure of your teeth, leading to tooth sensitivity. Using veneers can cover your dental roots, reducing any discomfort you may feel after drinking hot or cold drinks.

Never let a stained or chipped tooth ruin your smile. You can always regain your confidence by getting a tooth veneer. This guide has shared important details on getting dental veneers. Consult a cosmetic dentist near you or visit a site like https://valleyoakdentalgroup.com/ to find out if you are a good candidate.


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Learning to Manage Your Dental Problems

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