Learning to Manage Your Dental Problems

Learning to Manage Your Dental Problems

3 Types Of Dental Emergencies And What You Should Do When They Happen

by Charlotte Beck

Everyone tries their best to avoid dental emergencies, but they still happen anyway. However, it's what you do when they happen that matters most. Whether you experience a dental emergency from an accident or sports, you should see a qualified dentist immediately. Accidents can cause dental emergencies like knocked-out teeth, fractured teeth, or broken or chipped teeth. If you don't see a dentist immediately for treatment, your dental health could deteriorate. But what dental emergencies can you experience, and why is it vital to see a dentist immediately? Keep reading.

Injured Tongue, Lips, or Gums

One should avoid tongue and gum injuries as much as possible because they lead to other serious dental infections. However, your lips, gums, and tongue could be injured when you put sharp objects in your mouth or use a hard-bristled brush. The injuries could also result from an accident or even teeth crowding. Bites like a deep bite, crossbite, underbite, or overbite could also cause injuries to your gums and tongue. You shouldn't see a dentist only when the injuries or cuts are large enough but also when they look negligible because they may cause serious dental problems later. The dentist will examine the dental situation and offer instant treatment or relief.

Bleeding Gums and Aching Teeth

A toothache is among the dental issues that many people dread, and you should treat it as a dental emergency when you experience it. Also, gum bleeding is a dental emergency that a dentist should address as soon as possible. Mouth injuries, teeth worms, and oral infections are some of the leading causes of these two dental problems. Your gums could also bleed, and your teeth ache due to wobbly teeth or even tooth decay. See a reputable dentist as fast as possible when such dental problems arise to ensure they don't aggravate.

Cracked Teeth

A cracked tooth is usually among the dental emergencies you can experience. When your teeth are cracked, your gums may bleed, and you could also experience an extreme toothache. Most people experience this dental emergency when they slip and fall on a hard surface or during a road accident. Your teeth could also be cracked when playing outdoor sports or engaging in a recreational activity. No matter what causes a cracked tooth, you should seek instant treatment from a competent dentist. It's, however, advisable to rinse your mouth with some warm water when your teeth get cracked to get some relaxation and then visit an emergency dentist near you.

Dental emergencies are usually distressing, but you can get relief from a dentist when sought in good time. They know the best treatment for each of the dental emergencies you develop.


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Learning to Manage Your Dental Problems

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