Learning to Manage Your Dental Problems

Learning to Manage Your Dental Problems

Why Dental Hygienists Can Benefit From Online Teeth Whitening Certification

by Charlotte Beck

Teeth whitening is an extremely lucrative industry. The combined global spending on at-home whitening treatments and those performed at a dental practice was $3.78 billion in 2020. In many dental surgeries, it's the dentist themselves who perform the treatment, but there's no reason why the existing skillsets of other qualified professionals can't be expanded, increasing the volume of teeth whitening treatments that the practice can offer. This is why dental hygienists can benefit from online teeth whitening certification, allowing their practice to take a greater share of this market.

Professional Courses

Professional certification differs considerably from the courses offered to the general public, which are more focused on those in the beauty and cosmetology industry, as well as those who may wish to offer whitening treatments in a salon. There are numerous professional courses available, many of which don't require a significant time commitment and are intended to build upon a dental hygienist's existing skills, as opposed to starting from scratch. 

Preliminary Activities

Many of the preliminary activities for a teeth whitening treatment are comparable to existing processes at the practice. For example, prior to many dental procedures, a hygienist will often perform scaling and polishing, and this will still be the case with whitening treatments, which is generally necessary to remove intrinsic staining prior to the treatment. Additionally, there might be certain questions pertaining to the whitening treatment which should be asked prior to treatment, meaning that assessing a patient's medical history can take on a specific angle.

Logistics of Whitening

The majority of the course will generally be concerned with the logistics and physicality of the treatment, from determining the best course of action for individual patients, to taking their individual circumstances and dental health into account. Depending on the duration of the course, industry-standard processes for whitening will be covered, but there might also be scope for any new or developing technologies to be discussed. 

The Basics

Additionally, any online teeth whitening course should also cover the basics, no matter how basic they might seem. This can include items such as different methods for taking accurate alginate impressions, as well as the application of whitening treatment into the fabricated trays. Potential post-whitening complications should also be addressed.

Given the fact that an online whitening certification can be attained quite quickly, it's a beneficial commitment for dental hygienists working in practices that wish to expand their capacity to perform lucrative whitening treatments. For more information, contact a company like The Whitening Gals.


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Learning to Manage Your Dental Problems

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