Learning to Manage Your Dental Problems

Learning to Manage Your Dental Problems

Yes, Your Child Can Play Sports While Wearing Braces

by Charlotte Beck

Although braces have been around for quite some time, there are all sorts of myths that surround this orthodontic treatment. One of these myths is the idea that you cannot play sports while wearing braces. As you might have guessed, this assessment is entirely false. While there are certain measures and precautions that a child should take when playing sports with braces, they can still participate.

The Risk of Injury

While a myth, there is some truth rooted in the idea that you should not play sports when you wear braces. Without taking the proper measures, it's possible to sustain serious injuries to the mouth when playing sports with braces, especially those that involve contact. If your child is hit in the mouth, they could break one of their brackets. 

As a result, the broken bracket could cut the child's gum and cause significant bleeding, or if the impact is forceful enough, it could cause one of their teeth to crack. If your child is hit in the mouth and is expressing signs of discomfort, have their provider look them over just to be on the safe side. 

Orthodontic Mouthguard

The best solution to protect your child's teeth while playing sports is to always wear an orthodontic mouthguard whenever they engage in any sporting activity, even if it's not typically a contact sport. Orthodontic mouthguards are custom-sized silicone guards that create a barrier over your child's braces. 

As a result, if a ball was to make contact with their face, the orthodontic mouthguard would create a buffer and greatly reduce the risk of one of their brackets breaking. Remember, orthodontic mouthguards are not the same as the mouthguards you can purchase at a sporting store, so you need to see your provider. 

Follow-Up Care

Depending on your child's treatment plan, they will probably visit the orthodontist somewhere around once every other month. It's important to take your child to each of these appointments, especially if they play sports. In addition to ensuring the treatment plan is going as scheduled, the provider will also inspect the condition of their braces. 

In the rare event that there is a loose bracket or other problem, the provider can quickly correct the issue. With something like a broken bracket, playing contact sports would only put your child at greater risk of injury.

If you have additional questions or concerns about wearing braces and playing sports, contact a dental office like Poulson Orthodontics. Don't hesitate to ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable. 


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