Learning to Manage Your Dental Problems

Learning to Manage Your Dental Problems

What If You Can't Afford Dental Implants?

by Charlotte Beck

Patients who are considering undergoing dental implant surgery may be discouraged from the initial cost. But while dental implants might seem expensive upfront, they are actually the most cost-effective option. There are other treatment options that are less expensive initially, but have higher maintenance costs and also do not have as long of a lifespan. Dental implants are expected to last the entire lifespan of the patient and are maintained in a manner similar to how patients maintain their natural teeth. For example, a bridge must be replaced after 10 years on average. However, in 95% of cases, dental implants last for longer than 20 years. But if you are still looking for a way to overcome the initial cost of dental implants, take a look down several cost-cutting avenues.

Use Generic Implants

The implants from the original Swiss manufacturer are more expensive than the new generic implants. Ask your dentist if he or she can use less expensive implants and how much success he or she has had with these generic implants. Since they have not been studied as thoroughly, your dentist's testimonial is a key part of your decision.

Visit A Dental School Or Charitable Organization

As with any medical procedure, having your dental implants handled by a medical student will save you money. You may be afraid to have a student handle the surgery, but keep in mind that an instructor will be guiding the student and may be performing much of the procedure for the student. While there are usually costs associated with having a procedure completed by a dental school, they are much lower. There are also charitable organizations and dentistry societies that will offer free dentistry or help you finance your implants.

Travel To A Cheaper Dentist

Travel until you can find a dentist who offers the procedure for less. Dentists in cities tend to charge more for dental implants than dentists in smaller towns. Given the cost of medical procedures, the price of gas is minuscule compared to the savings. Also, dentists in some countries are much less expensive than others.

Ask For A Temporary Fix

If you cannot afford dental implants yet, but anticipate that you will be able to afford it in the future, find out if there is a temporary fix that your dentist can implement. Also, ask if there are any discounts. For instance, some dentists will offer discounts if you receive multiple dental implants. Call a dentist, like Bruce Mathes DDS, for more help.


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Learning to Manage Your Dental Problems

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