Learning to Manage Your Dental Problems

Learning to Manage Your Dental Problems

How To Treat Post Root Canal Pain At Home

by Charlotte Beck

Dentists commonly perform root canals to save a tooth that has a decayed or infected pulp. The thought of needing root canal causes fear in most people. When you need a root canal, you may be concerned with pain.

A root canal shouldn't be  painful, but you still could experience minor pain and discomfort.  Root canal pain is commonly caused by failed root canal, infections, bruxism, and ghost pain. Here are some tips on how to manage post root canal pain:

Gargle with Salt Water Rinse 

Salt water rinses have long been used to treat dental pain because of its ability to destroy bacteria. It destroys bacteria though osmosis. Osmosis occurs when water from low saline levels crosses through cell membranes into higher saline levels. It kills the bacteria by dehydration which makes salt effective.

To make a salt water rinse, mix a teaspoon of sea salt in lukewarm water. Swish around in your mouth for about 20 seconds and spit. You can use this remedy three times daily.

Apply an Ice Pack

Ice helps reduce swelling and pain. Make an ice pack from a bag of frozen vegetables or ice wrapped in a towel. Apply it on the cheek where the surgery was performed. Leave it on for twenty minute and take off for twenty minutes.

Use Natural Oils 

Tea tree oil can be used for a gargle or topical application. Make a mixture of four drops of tea oil in warm water. Use this remedy several times daily. For a topical application, make a mixture from a tablespoon of vegetable oil and four drops of tea tree oil. Apply with a cotton ball directly on the tooth. Repeat as needed.

Dip a cotton ball in a mixture of five drops of clove oil and a teaspoon of olive oil. Leave on the area for several minutes. Olive oil helps reduce inflammation. Clove oil is a natural pain killer.

Adjust Eating Habits

You will need to change your eating habits because your gums will be tender the first several days and the tooth will feel loose  Eat a soft food diet or a liquid diet. Avoid hard foods. Hard foods will make the pain worse. Try to minimize eating on the side where the root canal was performed.

Floss after meals to remove all food particles. Restrict sweets and soft drinks to prevent further tooth decay. These tips should help you manage post root canal pain.

In addition to the above tips, get plenty of rest and keep the head elevated. to keep pressure off tooth. If the pain persists, see your dentist or contact a company like Area Dental Associates - Comfortable Family and General Dentistry.


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